Health Benefits of Red Rice

Health Benefits of Red Rice - Brown rice is often used as a healthy diet to lose weight as well as for diabetics. Brown rice is one of the staple foods that contain carbohydrates in it. Red rice is common in eating like white rice that is generally consumed by Indonesians.

Health Benefits of Red Rice
Over time, Indonesians began to realize the benefits of red rice compared to ordinary rice used as staple food. White rice does taste better than red rice, but brown rice contains a good nutrient that does not have white rice. Here I will peel thoroughly about the content and benefits of brown rice.

When Should You Consume Red Rice?

  1. While on a diet.
  2. Avoid diabetes
  3. Already exposed to diabetes
  4. Have heart disease
  5. Prevent heart disease
  6. Lowers cholesterol
  7. Increase HDL.

Why is red rice effective for some of the above complaints? well in this article we will review in detail. There are many reasons why you should change your white rice to brown rice. In addition to maintaining health, nutrition is certainly very important for the body's nutritional needs.

Next, let's look at the various nutritional and nutritional content and myths about brown rice.

Nutrition Contents on Red Rice

As one type of staple food the content of brown rice provides a source of energy for the body to move. But why is this red rice different from other carbohydrate sources? Sources of complex carbohydrates from brown rice, making it superior. In addition red rice contains a number of other nutrients are also contained in it.

Every 1.5 cups / serving of cooked red rice has, less than 110 calories. Presentation of this red rice content to form percentage:

  1. Carbohydrates - 85% (8% comes from protein and 7% fat)
  2. Fiber - 7% (of fiber required for a 2.000 calorie diet)
  3. Vitamin B - (A small amount of thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate, and niacin). The benefits of B vitamins tend to work hand-in-hand to draw energy from food in eating, in addition it supports brain processes and blood cell formation.
  4. Magnesium, phosphorus and calcium - to maintain strong bone health
  5. Potassium - for fluid balance and heart function

Info About Red Rice

Benefits of brown rice has been widely circulated in the community in Indonesia, here are some claims that people believe about brown rice.

  1. Brown rice for diabetics
  2. Brown rice for diet
  3. Brown rice for heart health
  4. Brown rice is not good at eating.

Related to some of the above information, there are a lot of info that is quite accurate about the benefits of brown rice, but is it really like ibut? Here are the benefits in detail.

Health Benefits of Red Rice

1. Lose Weight

Many people who already feel the power of red rice to lose weight. In addition to the low content of calories in brown rice will be very effective to help you prevent pot belly or excess calories. How does brown rice do it ?? Kandunga complex carbohydrate brown rice will supply energy periodically on the body so that the stomach does not feel hungry fast. If consumed is also added to the benefits of apples on the menu, the diet will produce a beautiful and very effective body shape.

2. Healthy For Digestion

High fiber content in brown rice is also healthy digestion so avoid the health problems that can arise in the future. So from now on consume natural foods to maintain long-term health. This fiber is very good for the intestine and helps smooth the body's metabolism.

3. Controlling blood sugar / good for diabetics

For those of you who suffer from diabetes, it is better to switch to brown rice because the fiber content is very high and the content of calories lower than white rice.

4. Lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and Increase HDL (good cholesterol)

If you have problems with cholesterol, like diabetes, you should consume brown rice instead of consuming white rice as your staple food.

5. Prevent the occurrence of gallstones

In various studies, high-fiber foods are strongly associated with prevention of gallstones. Fiber is very easy to digest so it helps in decomposing food scraps to help shape healthy bile.

6. Sources of antioxidants

Brown rice is an excellent source of antioxidants, the various vitamins and minerals contained in it can help remove free radicals in the body. (Read: Antioxidant Benefits)

7. Maintaining bone health

Magnesium is a substance other than vitamin D and calcium that plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. The nutritional content of magnesium is also found in brown rice so that it can help the health of bones and teeth.

8. Possible to prevent cancer

What substance can prevent cancer and is found in brown rice? Selenium and polyphenols contained in brown rice are believed to prevent colon cancer. In addition, high fiber and antioxidant content can certainly help the body avoid various types of cancer caused by free radicals.

Benefits of brown rice is good enough for health, especially for those of you who want to lose weight, diabetes, and maintain heart health.

Benefits of Red Rice For Diet Program

The benefits of red rice for a diet that is placed as a substitute for the benefits of white rice, can help you lose weight. These nutritious grains contain 110 calories per serving and 2 grams each for protein and fiber. Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, thiamine, vitamin B-6 and niacin and also provides iron and zinc.

Why Is Rice For Diet So Big ?? Brown rice has characteristics that make it worthwhile to lose weight:

1. Evidence of Research

A six-week study and published in "Nutrition Research" in February 2008, compared the benefits of weight loss from a white rice substitute meal with mixed foods of red and black rice.

Research participants who consumed a mixture of brown rice, lost weight and body fat more, when compared with participants who consume only food substitute for white rice alone.

2. Energy Density

Red rice has a low energy density, because of the fiber and water it contains. Foods with low energy density, will fill fewer calories compared to foods that have high energy density, so it will be easier to lose weight. Eat foods like this at the beginning of the meal, so the intake of foods high in fat, sugar and calories to be less.

3. Derived from Grains

Grains such as brown rice can help lower body fat. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008 found that people who ate low-calorie diets including whole grains lost more than people who ate low-calorie diets that included only processed grains.

Grains contain more fiber that fills, so in the future you will eat fewer calories. Most of the choices fall on this brown rice and also on the benefits of wheat.

4. Facilitate the Diet Program

Just adding one serving of brown rice to your diet every day, will not help you lose weight. To reduce to weight, the most important thing is to consume fewer calories than is used. Foods such as brown rice are seeds and low in energy density, so it will help make this easier to do.

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Health Benefits of Red Rice - Low glycemic content in brown rice is very good for people who run the diet because it controls the absorption of calories, especially on the body. For people who run a diet program consuming carbohydrate type food is still important but choose that has fiber content as in the benefits of brown rice. The fiber found in brown rice comes from the skin because red rice does not undergo grinding and peeling process, so it is different from ordinary white rice that other nutrients are lost due to grinding.