Health Benefits Of Tempeh

Health Benefits Of Tempeh - Who does not know tempe? In Indonesia also the whole world love to eat this type of food from soybeans. Various foods can be processed from tempe. It tastes good and tasty. We can make a variety of food stalls tegal or restaurant from tempe. For example that is easy like fried tempe, tempe balado, oseng tempe and so on. This type of food is also suitable processed with vegetables or other foods.

The price of cheap tempe, although now has risen due to imported raw materials, a choice for housewives. So curious, what are the nutritional content in tempe so many people want to consume it? Before discussing about the benefits of tempe, it's good we know what the content contained in the tempe

Health Benefits Of Tempeh

Tempe content

Yes, tempeh is a food that is very nutritious for consumption. Tempe and tofu have a variety of benefits that are good for the human body. Although the price is not expensive, many people can afford it. Whereas the nutritional content in tempe is quite a lot, among others:

  1. Tempeh contains dietary fiber
  2. Tempeh contains carbohydrates
  3. Tempeh contains calcium
  4. Tempe contains iron
  5. Tempeh contains vitamin B
  6. Tempeh contains vegetable protein
  7. Tempe contains phosphorus
  8. Tempe contains keratin

Even can be spelled out very good tempe for the source of vegetable protein, than animal protein such as beef and so forth. According to research, the protein content of tempe is higher than protein from animal. Recent research also mentions the nutritional content of tempe is the same as the nutritional content of yoghurt, made from fermented milk.

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If you want to know, how to produce tempe, this is exposure.
  1. prepare soy beans, about 1 kilogram that is ready to be processed
  2. prepare also mushroom rhizopus olisgoporus, as raginya about 2 grams
  3. wash the soybeans with clean water first, the water flowing better
  4. let stand in water, soak for approximately 1 day (24 hours)
  5. after soaking washed while kneading for the skin of the arinya released
  6. boil soybeans with enough water to boil for about 30 minutes
  7. then throw away the boiled water and stir back the rest on the stove
  8. let until soybeans dry but not to burn
  9. soybeans drained in places where there are large holes to dry easily
  10. after the cold, ferment the soybeans with mushrooms or yeast
  11. stir until blended
  12. prepare plastic or banana leaf if you want to use leaf for the base
  13. soybean input that has been mixed into the plastic or leaves until the thickness is 2-3 cm
  14. close and seal the container (if using plastic then can be used to use candle while wearing leaf can be stick with a rather large stick)
  15. plastic or container must have air holes in order not too tight
  16. save the soybeans that have been mixed with yeast / yeast in the cupboard / airtight for 2 days (46 hours)

After knowing how to make tempe you understand that this food is not made with chemicals so natural from nature. Suitable for every family member's meals.

Health Benefits Of Tempeh

For toddlers and children
  1. make a healthy child because the tempe contains antioxidants and antibiotics in it can cure infections and other derivative diseases
  2. tempe is easily digested and contains digestive enzymes produced yeast or fungus rhizopus oligoporus when fermented, both for the digestion of the child
  3. help children affected abdominal distention because when tempeh is processed levels of stakiosa and raffinosa
  4. Improve your child's immune system
  5. Educate children
  6. Improve brain function
  7. Increase the child's brain.
  8. Contains high protein good for heart.

For adults who are taking care of health
  1. tempeh contains a source of fat-free protein that is suitable for those who are on a diet. Protein content consists of 18 types of proteins and amino acids
  2. tempeh can increase HDL levels. Good cholesterol levels in the blood is proven to make bad cholesterol decreases and suppress and remove it from the body.
  3. tempeh can prevent some degenerative diseases
  4. tempeh can make the heart stay healthy because it can increase good cholesterol levels in the body.
  5. tempe has a fiber content that is able to bind toxins and cancer-causing cholesterol
  6. tempe has fiber content that can also improve the course of digestion in the body
  7. tempe contains fiber and protein content that is proven to prevent the rise of blood sugar levels are good for diabetics
  8. tempe is able to prevent diseases of blood deficiency or anemia due to high mineral content and easily absorbed by blood
  9. Tempeh is able to keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis
  10. tempeh is able to counteract the presence of free radicals because of antioxidants and antibacterials they contain
  11. tempe has antidotum antidote or anti heavy metal poisoning, so as to overcome the symptoms of poisoning
  12. tempe contains good positive ions such as in eggs and other animal nutrition such as milk
  13. Tempeh is good for all ages because of the various ingredients described above
  14. tempeh contains many vitamins, especially the source of vitamin B because it is beneficial for the metabolism of red blood cells, enhances the immunity and function of the nervous system
  15. tempe is good for skin and muscle health because it contains vitamins
  16. tempe has antibiotic and antibacterial preventive agent of E-coli so good to prevent diarrhea and cholera
  17. tempe has the content to lower lipid or fat in the blood.
  18. Tempeh is very good for people with certain diseases like heart and diabetes

That's the benefits of tempe in order to be consumed human body and good for health. In addition there are also some tips for tempeh more feasible for consumption:

Tips on cooking or eating tempeh

  1. Preferably tempeh cooked in a way like dibacem, digulai or boiled with vegetables. Not recommended to fry tempe because the nutrients so much is reduced
  2. for children under five, tempeh can be made a more healthy cuisine by boiling with vegetables
  3. select or buy a tempe that is still fresh and decent to consume. You can check it by smell the tempe or pay attention to tempe carefully
  4. do not leave tempe for too long in the refrigerator or refrigerator. Before consumed it is better removed first, or immediately cooked after purchased
  5. if you want to try to make your own tempe make sure that the yeast used is a quality yeast.
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Health Benefits Of Tempeh - That's some tips that can be tried to cook and consume tempeh. good luck