The Amazing Health Benefits of Egg Yolk

The Amazing Health Benefits of Egg Yolk - Benefits of egg yolks are actually quite important for the body, egg yolks contain minerals, vitamins, iron, and nutritional content is high enough. Yellow egg is an embryo that will become a chick later. Egg yolks are a frightening thing because they are accused of having a lot of cholesterol that is not good for the body

But not all is true, many other content that is not even found in egg whites but egg yolks. Here's a discussion about the benefits of egg yolks.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Egg Yolk

Nutritional Content of Egg yolks

Nutritional content of this egg yolks that make the benefits of yolk for health. Here are some of them:

Contains many minerals

Essential mineral nutrients are used to manage body functions. 13 kinds of minerals such as potassium, selenium, magnesium and iron are found in the yolk. Indeed, the white part of the egg also contains minerals, but the mineral content in the yolk is bigger than that in egg whites.

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Contains Choline

The content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals help improve heart health and cardiovascular. The content of choline in the yolk regulates cardiovascular function that can reduce the risk of heart disease symptoms. Choline content is also an anti-inflammatory substance, which will reduce pain in inflammatory diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

Rich in Iron

In pregnant women there is a tendency to lack blood, because the hemoglobin content decreases. Consuming raw yellow eggs, can anticipate this problem. Certainly good for the growth of the fetus.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Egg Yolk

1. Sources Completing Body Nutrition Needs

Egg yolks are the main source of nutritional needs of the human body, egg yolks contain very many minerals and vitamins that are important to the body. Even egg yolks are also one of the foods that contain the most vitamin B complex, the benefits of vitamin B complex is certainly very important for our body.

Egg yolk can be regarded as one of the super foods that have complete nutrition for the human body that can meet the nutritional adequacy rate.

2. Improve Brain Function

Egg yolks contain AA and DHA which are very suitable for improving the function of the human brain, these nutrients are essential for the growth of children, pregnant women, and people who need additional nutrients to balance the function of the nerves and brain.

3. Increase HDL (Good Cholesterol)

Fat contained in the egg does make some people become worried in consuming these healthy nutrients. People who have high HDL levels tend to avoid dangerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke risk, and other health problems.

4. Cardiovascular and Cardiovascular Health.

Ok, this fourth point may be a public panic in consuming egg yolks. Do not worry about the fat contained in eggs including HDL can increase, so it is safe for heart health and cardiovascular problems (heart and blood vessels). This efficacy is obtained from very high choline content in egg yolks.

Studies conducted by the University of Connecticut have proven the relationship of egg consumption with people who consume eggs 3-4 grains per day. The results prove that there is no change in the level of cholesterol contained in their body, this study has been reviewed by Dr. Maria-Luz Fernandez.

5. Good For Eye Health, Bones, and Teeth

Egg yolks contain vitamin A, E, D, K which is very helpful for eye health, bones and teeth. In addition, egg yolks also contain vitamin B12 or vitamin B which is known to be quite good for our bodies, including bones and teeth.

6. A huge energy source

Egg yolks are one of the foods that can increase the energy of a very powerful, has a high enough fat content to make you instantly 'skyrocket'. If you lack energy or limp it is better to consume eggs than the consumption of dangerous energy drinks.

Benefits Of Egg Yolks For Hair

Benefits of egg yolks containing vitamins A, D, E, protein, lipids, and minerals are good for hair fertility. In addition, the protein contained in eggs can coat hair perfectly. The content of lipid or fat in egg yolk is also believed to be useful to make hair softer. Eggs moisturize dry hair by mixing egg yolks, with honey, almond oil and olive oil.

Apply on hair and then cover with hair, after soaking the hair clean. In oil hair, can also be done with cream bath yolk cream mixed with orange juice.

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Egg Yolk - This herb is smeared and allowed to seep on the scalp for thirty minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Furthermore, you will enjoy beautiful hair shiny and free of oil with the benefits of citrus fruits.